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• Services

• Location Scouting

Raising awareness for the full potential of the territory. Réperages on request or supplying relevant preliminary information on the sites and their suitability for production needs.

• Support for Production and Post-Production

Securing the financial planning and budget control through a specific assessment of the needs for each project. Execution of all the logistics management of the sites and technical means since pre-production, filming and post production through the selection of suitable partners for each project.

• Technical Resources

Our partners are able to provide, rental services for all kinds of required equipment, from the latest cinema and digital camera technology to lighting solutions, cranes, dollies, generators or accessories and specialized transportation for teams and equipment at competitive prices.

• Human Resources (Crew)

Providing, through partners, talented, responsible and experienced professionals and qualified technicians in all sectors, from screenwriters, directors, photography directors, art directors, set decorators, makeup artists and hairdressers, to electricians, machinists, production image assistants, etc.

• Casting

Streamlining with the main national casting and figuration agencies ensuring a specialized demand directed towards fulfilling all production needs. Elaboration of lists of actors and local casting databases.

• Also

Articulation with local entities for bureaucratic information and procedures to access authorizations, licenses and insurance.

Other services

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